The Main Lake

The Etang Marolles main lake is a Carp anglers dream water. Established in 2007, the lake has matured into one of the premier Carp fishing venues in North West France.

The lake provides a challenge to the experienced angler while also offering anyone new to the sport, or a first time angler in France, the perfect balance of excitement and enjoyment without feeling daunting.

On a regular basis, we hear first time visitors to Etang Marolles describe the lake as ‘simply stunning with a magical feel to the place’. Many returning anglers consider this water to be a second home and return year after year to enjoy the peace and tranquility. This tells us all we need to know, Etang Marolles is a very special place.

Lake Features

The lake is just over thirteen acres in size, fed by natural streams and springs and is home to eleven purpose built, fine gravel finished swims. All swims are lined with cherry half round logs ensuring they remain mud free, year round.  Standard bivvy pegs are all that is required to keep everything safe and secure. Bank sticks, singlez systems, or rod pods are all suitable for use.

The lake contains wonderful overhanging tree lined margins, marginal shrubs, weeping willows and four purpose built islands. The lake has a wide variety of underwater features with depths ranging from 2 -7 ft, the average being around 5ft. The lake bed is made up predominantly of clay and silt with interspersed gravel and sand patches. A maximum of six anglers per week ensures plenty of space and ample water for all to enjoy.


Facilities available to anglers include:

  • Electrical outlets in all swims (small additional fee),
  • Shower and toilet block
  • Purpose built drying room.

Each swim is equipped with:

  • Trakker Sanctuary Carp Cradles
  • Trakker Sanctuary Retention Slings
  • Trakker 42 inch Landing Nets
  • Water buckets
  • Iodine to take care of our fish

Vehicular access to all swims facilitates effortless unloading and packing of your fishing equipment on the day of arrival / departure.  Vehicles must be parked in our private secure car park at all other times.

Fish Stock

All Marolles Carp are very special and we are extremely proud of their quality. We have hand selected our exquisite stock over a number of years, ensuring we have a wide variety of fish and are able to provide something for everyone. Our main lake is home to massive, high shouldered, scale perfect commons, deep chestnut golden commons, alongside huge fully scaled mirrors, perfect zip linears and nude leathers. Current lake records are Mirror 53lb 8oz and Common 57lb 10oz. With a number of grassies in excess of 50lb+ these are always a welcome surprise. Every specimen Carp is unique and brimming with character. Even to this day, they take our breath away, when we see them on the bank.

The health and condition of the Marolles fish is of great importance and we are pleased to say they are in superb condition. The supplementary diet we provide contains all the vitamins and minerals needed to aid recovery and bolster the health of the fish. This helps them remain parasite free and supports an immensely strong immune system. Many a tale has been told by our anglers of extraordinary long battles before landing the fish, with some remaining elusive, even after the long fight.

The lake predators are a mix of Pike, Zander and Perch. The lake does not contain Catfish or Poisson Chat. A resident head of Roach and Tench helps us to achieve a healthy balanced biomass.

Lake Map

A carp anglers dream water

  • 13 Acres
  • 11 Fine gravel finished top class swims
  • Tree lined margins
  • Weeping willows
  • Four dot islands
  • Depths between 2 – 7 ft
  • Predominantly clay and silt with interspersed gravel and sand patches


“Fifteenth trip to Marolles and it has always treated us well!! Wish we could do a week a month but I’m sure the other halves wouldn’t be that happy”.

“I can highly recommend this venue. Fantastic lakes. The cottage is lovely. Spotlessly clean and very well kitted out. The hot tub was the final touch of luxury we needed and made the week very bearable for the missus”.

“What else is there to say except CARP CARP CARP!! I caught some absolute crackers”.

“We have been visiting Etang Morolles since 2013 and have always enjoyed our stays on both the Main and Bellevue lakes. The lakes and facilities are well kept and the fish are both beautiful and in good condition. We would certainly recommend Etang Marolles to anyone”.

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